Detectives privados en Tarragona

Detectives en Tarragona

Detectives Privados en Reus

Detectives Privados en Valls

Detectives privados en Tortosa
Detectives Privados en El Vendrell
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Headed by José Luis González Pallejà, the team of JLG Detectives comprises a team of expert agents who work in the streets in surveillance, investigation and follow-ups, all absolutely discreet and professional. They make use of advanced technologies, including camouflage vehicles with new-generation cameras, night-vision videos or strategically applied GPS devices.

In addition to this, the agency has signed collaboration agreements with lawyers, psychologists, professional experts in various areas like forensics IT, graphologists, auditors, etc.

JLG Detectives is a leading company in its sector, due to its work methodology and the excellent team of professionals offering services that cover every need, so clients need not worry about requiring various service suppliers. Proof will always be definitive and compelling. This reflects the result of our many years in this activity.


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